My First NameCard :D

hi there!

yesterday, I  have to create a (hopefully) good design for a namecard in such short amount of time (+- 2hours).

since I’m not prepared and have no concept whatsoever, most of the time were used to do some research and take a look at some good name card designs.

btw, this is my first name card. not very important though 😛

I hope with this name card, our business will run well. hehehe. wish us luck guys 😀


here are some preview

you can download the source here (in case you’re wondering, I use jinky, rabiohead, DOCK, and cappucino serif fonts) :

enjoy 😀

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My First NameCard :D

Prosedur pembelian jakun [mahasiswa lama]


Postingan ini didedikasikan khusus untuk mahasiswa UI. Saya tidak menjamin informasinya masih valid ( saya lulus di tahun 2012 ) tapi mungkin bisa sedikit membantu. pardon the alay-ish language.


  • Silahkan menuju rektorat lantai 3, menuju bagian peralatan dan umum. Cari Pak Kiswoko, atau langsung saja tanya mengenai proses pembelian jaket kuning.
  • Setelah bertemu Pak Kiswoko ( atau PIC lainnya ), maka kamu akan diinformasikan proses pembelian jaket kuning : termasuk rekening tujuan, cara konfirmasi dan pengambilan jaket kuning.

Pada saat itu, saya transfer uang sejumlah 100.000 ke rekening BNI 127.3000.024. Kemudian bukti transfernya diserahkan ke bagian keuangan ( rektorat lantai 4 ) + Pak Kiswoko ( atau PIC lainnya ). Setelah itu akan ada formulir yang harus diisi sebelum jaket kuning + badge bisa diambil.

~Semoga membantu

Original Post :

jadi gini pren ceritanya, kemaren kan gue coba beli jakun baru karena jakun gue yang lama ilang. NAH! setelah bolak balik puter2 rektorat akhirnya nemu nih langkah langkahnya 😀

1. ke rektorat lantai 3, silahkan cari yang namanya pak KISWOKO, di bagian peralatan dan umum. . . kalo gasalah

2. setelah ketemu pak kiswoko, akan dikasih tau prosedur pembelian jakunnya 😀

kmaren sih prosedurnya gini : transfer uang sejumlah 100.000 ke rekening UI (127.3000.024) -BNI- terus bukti transfer diserahkan ke bagian keuangan(lantai 4 rektorat) dan ke pak kiswoko (2 rangkap). nah abisan itu baru ambil jakun + badge sama isi formnya. beres deh 😀

agar lebih aman, mendingan kontak pak kiswoko aja langsung di rektorat lantai 3.

enjoy! 😀

Prosedur pembelian jakun [mahasiswa lama]

SceleDroid beta version launched !

Hi there!

This semester was very hectic, especially the final projects (robotics, law, software project, etc)

this post is dedicated to SceleDroid, my software project final assignment.

Now, what is SceleDroid? and out purpose in making this apps?

Okay. Let’s roll folks xD

1. SceleDroid is an apps made special to fasilkom students only. It is meant to be accessed by someone who has SSO LOGIN acount and account

2. We created this app because we want to make it easer for people who has android phone to access  (sorry folks, no BB-iPhone-Nokia version for this app)

3. Basic features :

– Login (with your SSO username and password)

– View your active course

– View your deadlines

– View your subject’s resources

– View forum and unread post(s)

– Download resources

– Upload file to your assignment form

– Automatic synchronization with your calendar

the screenshots :

you can download the .apk here (sorry guys, no source code attached this time 😀 )

Disclaimer :  This is beta version. warning. you'll find a lot of error. user manual will be released soon. feel free to contact me if you have any question.
SceleDroid beta version launched !

Robo Hunter, my first encounter with a real robot

Night folks 😀

you must be wondering (or not) about this “Robo Hunter” thing. Hm, since I’m in a hurry (or you can call it lazy) let’s skip the chitchat and get to the point.

This semester, I take Robotics as one of my subject.  And all of us are supposed to create a robot for our first, second, . . . final assignment. and yeah we (me, latifaah, diane fitria) create something called ROBO HUNTER. It’s awesome, right?

You must be wondering. Did it hunts other robots and kill them? YEAH! Absolutely! . . . not. hahahaha. Instead, it hunts ball and grab it to detect the color, if it’s red then the robot will cheer. If it’s blue, the robot will search again until some period of time 🙂

Well, maybe some of you already know that there are a lot of tutorial about this robot, such as in : . Yeah, our first robot was exactly looked like that with the same program. But hey, we improved it! You can see the change log in the last section of this post 😀

Here are some pictures of our awesome robo hunter (videos are available, contact me for some :P). Enjoy!


v0.1 – no change. exactly the same with the tutorial –

v0.2 – change the language to LeJos (source attached soon) –

v0.3 – improved accuracy and construction –

v0.5 – multi-robot implementation –

v1.0 – coming soon, 3-robots communication, android-robot communication –

you can download the source here :

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Robo Hunter, my first encounter with a real robot

A Sleeper’s tale

once upon a time, there was a boy, or girl . . well it doesn’t matter actually, let’s call it a boy.

we’ll restart the story. this time it’s a boy 😀

once upon a time, there was a boy. He was on his journey to his GF’s house. The day before, he was very nervous and he couldn’t get enough sleep. And now he starts his long, painful, journey.

[to make it short, things happened along the way. now he’s on the last bus to his GF’s place. haha]

This is his last fight. One last stop to his GF’s place. But something terrible happened. . .

well, it’s not that terrible. He just fall asleep and missed his destination because he is too tired xD

the result : He’s late and his GF was angry xD

but hey, Don’t we ever feel the same way? We’re asleep on our journey and missed our destination. that’s suck. right? 😛

here’s my solution (actually, it’s my-adekurniawati-radityoeko-latifaah-gayuhprima-‘s solution) to this problem. A mobile application to detect your location and ring an alarm at certain distance. but it’s available only on android. sorry folks. no nokia-iphone-BB version of this application xD

here is the screenshot(s) :

you can download it here :

inside you can find the .apk file and the source code. Enjoy! 😀

feel free to contact me if you find bugs and something wrong about this app 😀

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A Sleeper’s tale

Hello and Good Night

Hi folks 😀

Let’s make it quick, since it’s 00:30 in the morning xD

1. I can’t open my account at astagagaga.blogspot (no one care, dude! :P) so I use this account (for the FIRST time!) 😀

2. Just wanna share something I created last month. A template presentation, created using GIMP and Inkscape (Yes, I’m an open source  free stuff  lover).(-some preview.-)

You can dowload the source file (.xcf) here :

Hope you guys like it. Enjoy!

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