A Sleeper’s tale

once upon a time, there was a boy, or girl . . well it doesn’t matter actually, let’s call it a boy.

we’ll restart the story. this time it’s a boy 😀

once upon a time, there was a boy. He was on his journey to his GF’s house. The day before, he was very nervous and he couldn’t get enough sleep. And now he starts his long, painful, journey.

[to make it short, things happened along the way. now he’s on the last bus to his GF’s place. haha]

This is his last fight. One last stop to his GF’s place. But something terrible happened. . .

well, it’s not that terrible. He just fall asleep and missed his destination because he is too tired xD

the result : He’s late and his GF was angry xD

but hey, Don’t we ever feel the same way? We’re asleep on our journey and missed our destination. that’s suck. right? 😛

here’s my solution (actually, it’s my-adekurniawati-radityoeko-latifaah-gayuhprima-‘s solution) to this problem. A mobile application to detect your location and ring an alarm at certain distance. but it’s available only on android. sorry folks. no nokia-iphone-BB version of this application xD

here is the screenshot(s) :

you can download it here :


inside you can find the .apk file and the source code. Enjoy! 😀

feel free to contact me if you find bugs and something wrong about this app 😀

bg music : you & me  -lifehouse-

A Sleeper’s tale

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