Robo Hunter, my first encounter with a real robot

Night folks 😀

you must be wondering (or not) about this “Robo Hunter” thing. Hm, since I’m in a hurry (or you can call it lazy) let’s skip the chitchat and get to the point.

This semester, I take Robotics as one of my subject.  And all of us are supposed to create a robot for our first, second, . . . final assignment. and yeah we (me, latifaah, diane fitria) create something called ROBO HUNTER. It’s awesome, right?

You must be wondering. Did it hunts other robots and kill them? YEAH! Absolutely! . . . not. hahahaha. Instead, it hunts ball and grab it to detect the color, if it’s red then the robot will cheer. If it’s blue, the robot will search again until some period of time 🙂

Well, maybe some of you already know that there are a lot of tutorial about this robot, such as in : . Yeah, our first robot was exactly looked like that with the same program. But hey, we improved it! You can see the change log in the last section of this post 😀

Here are some pictures of our awesome robo hunter (videos are available, contact me for some :P). Enjoy!


v0.1 – no change. exactly the same with the tutorial –

v0.2 – change the language to LeJos (source attached soon) –

v0.3 – improved accuracy and construction –

v0.5 – multi-robot implementation –

v1.0 – coming soon, 3-robots communication, android-robot communication –

you can download the source here :

bg music  : Senandung Rindu- Tohpati

Robo Hunter, my first encounter with a real robot

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