SceleDroid beta version launched !

Hi there!

This semester was very hectic, especially the final projects (robotics, law, software project, etc)

this post is dedicated to SceleDroid, my software project final assignment.

Now, what is SceleDroid? and out purpose in making this apps?

Okay. Let’s roll folks xD

1. SceleDroid is an apps made special to fasilkom students only. It is meant to be accessed by someone who has SSO LOGIN acount and account

2. We created this app because we want to make it easer for people who has android phone to access Ā (sorry folks, no BB-iPhone-Nokia version for this app)

3. Basic features :

– Login (with your SSO username and password)

– View your active course

– View your deadlines

– View your subject’s resources

– View forum and unread post(s)

– Download resources

– Upload file to your assignment form

– Automatic synchronization with your calendar

the screenshots :

you can download the .apk here (sorry guys, no source code attached this time šŸ˜€ )

Disclaimer :  This is beta version. warning. you'll find a lot of error. user manual will be released soon. feel free to contact me if you have any question.
SceleDroid beta version launched !

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