A Blog : available on OVI Store.

 Dude, this is soo cool.

When I made this app using oviappwizard , I didn’t actually think that this app will be approved. But one day, I received email from some ovi store guy telling me that this app has been approved and ready to download.

So, without further ado, Let me present you : A Blog -an official app for this blog-   Enjoy it here.

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A Blog : available on OVI Store.

This blog is going mobile..

Hi There!

after some time with no post, here I come 😀

today I found something very interesting. an article on how to create a symbian and android application for your blog.

It’s very simple and didn’t take time.

this is the screenshot of my first symbian app :

If you want to install this app, follow the screenshot below 😛

The link :  http://oviappwizard.com/get.jsp?pp=6812da

as for the android app, I’m still waiting for the registration to complete. maybe I’ll update it later. 😀

If you have any question regarding this post, feel free to contact me.


This blog is going mobile..