some kind of poster – using gimp


today I received a good news. My simple poster got a 2nd place at Fasilkom Student Research Day and will go to OIM representing Fasilkom with Andika Amri’s poster (3rd place) and Ryan PP’s poster (1st place). This poster is about Independency . Well, for me being independent means work hard, take some initiative and be innovative. So I came up with some simple slogan “Mandiri itu, memecah kemalasan | menciptakan perubahan”.

I am proud to say that I create the poster with legal resources and legal softwares.

The facts :

1. I created this poster for +-30 minutes (maybe more. I don’t really remember)

2. I used Walkway font family. Which is a legal font to use, even for a commercial purpose.

3. I used GIMP and Inkscape as image and vector editor. Both are open source and free to use for any purpose.

4. I take another resource from free-royalty stock photos, which means you can use it for a commercial purpose.

5. Combined with my (nOOb) design skills, here is the outcome. click for a larger version.


want to have a look at the source? .xcf (gimp files). . . just leave a comment and your email address. thanks! 😀

some kind of poster – using gimp

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