Bored? Here’s our solutions to brighten your day

Hello all!

Long time no post and I don’t think I can do this consistently T_T


Have you ever feel bored? I guess you all have experienced that moment when you have nothing to do while you still have long holiday or off-school/work/college days. Here at FlipBox Studio , mostly we’re bored when weekend comes, since we shouldn’t work but we don’t know where to go or with whom we should go (sigh). Sometimes we’re just reading books and listening to musics. But we’re bored listening to the same kind of music all over again (another problem…)

To solve those kinds of problem, we develop 2 kinds of system that hopefully solve some of your problems too. First is a community-based mobile application to publish events information (Interested? contact us and we’ll talk over a cup of coffee). Our first product is UI This Week , with mobile application available here .  Don’t know where to go? When to go? Just open our website and you can see aggregate content from different communities. Want to follow special community extensively? Just download their mobile applications.  Don’t know with whom you should go? If that’s your problem, perhaps you should check this one out, a platform developed by our friends

Our second solution is Indieologi, a music streaming platform for Indonesian indie musician. Available for android platform, you can download it here. New type of musics guaranteed!


I guess that is all for tonight guys, will update you with more interesting things soon 😀

Bored? Here’s our solutions to brighten your day

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