Depok Digital Morning Meetup

Happy Saturday!

Today, folks at DepokDigital hosted a meetup early in the morning. They kindly invite FlipBox Studio to present our products in today’s event. Thanks guys!

Unfortunately I’m unable to attend the meetup because of some project-deadline-and-bug-fixing-stuff. But the others are available so they’re attending the meetup. According to their stories, the meetup was wonderful, so much insightful information were being shared. I will totally attend their next meetup if I have the spare time 😀

For the presentation, Faizal Rahman & Eriza Hanif created a simple but powerful deck for our products : Indieologi & This Week App. Thanks bro for the all-night effort! And our front man for today are Galih Andy & Ahmad Kamal. I don’t need to see them present to know how awesome their presentation are. Thanks man!

If you want to take a peek at our awesome deck, you can follow the link : Depok Digital Presentation

Depok Digital Morning Meetup

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