Changes that I would love

goodbye 2015.

2015 was a great year. I experience lots of new things, wih their ups and downs. Overall, it was fun but since 2016 is coming, let’s have some recap to see how to improve my 2016.

Some lessons from 2015 :

  • I’m still lazy and easily distracted (sic). A LOT of my problem revolves around this one issue.
  • I spent too much money on unimportant things. Not that I regret them, but I think Ineed  to spend money wisely.
  • Indecisive. I need to be more firm and straightforward on some things.

What to change in 2016 :

  • Budget control : let’s prioritize, and use the capital only when I need it.
  • Define goals and deadlines : the thing about goals without deadlines is that they tend to get pushed further down the road. So let’s try to set goals WITH their deadlines
  • Construct a better habit : sleep early. wake up fresh. more sports. pray. socialize. families.Those are the little things that makes life better, and I’ve been neglecting some of them.
  • Discipline : for  the past few years I’ve been losing my edge on this particular good trait. Time to tighten my grip and be more discipline 

I don’t think those points are enough to cover all of the improvement I need for 2016, but let’s start with those and see where I’ll be next.

hello 2016!
PS : the best thing about 2015 is that I finally realized that I’m still capable of having butterflies in my stomach. Thanks for reminding me of that particular sensation, 2015!

Changes that I would love

8 thoughts on “Changes that I would love

      1. Yes. Before 30.

        Someone said to me to do one of two things, can not do both of them. Between figuring out or doing it.

        So probably under 30 we still figuring out and after 30 we would do thing.

  1. Rizky Syaiful says:

    Hey ho! May I join the club? :p

    We have the same basic problem Qid. I believe you can readjust yourself 😀

    Without losing your superpower… our superpower B-)

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