The Importance of Money

I don’t do what I do now for money, but once in a while I get reminded about the importance of it.

What is the most exciting things in the world? 

For me, it’s freedom. The freedom to define yourself, to do what you believe is worth doing, to chase your dream and passion. Sometimes, in order to gain freedom you need to let go something that is similarly important. Maybe it’s something called money.

We’re living in a society that requires money as the primary tool of trade. There is no surviving without earning money. Money isn’t everything, but it is present in almost every thing that we do. And sometimes there are things that requires more money that other things.

Back then as a kid, I would imagine some scenarios that I might do when I grow up. Something like, I want to have a room full of books or I want a house with basketball court in it and sometimes I want to help those poor kids to live a better life. And those are the simple ones.

Later on in the stage of life, those questions changed into What will happen if I buy a room full of books? or How much do I need to build a house with basketball court in in? and sometimes When and what can I do to help them? 

Or maybe, can I just do things? will it worth the effort and the money?

The last question is maybe the key for all this. We can separate effort and money because they are two different things, albeit interconnected. Supposed that I want to go to Tokyo next month. Will it worth the effort? Yes. Will it worth the money? I don’t know.

And sometimes, money is the deciding factor.


Well… That sucks.

The Importance of Money

4 thoughts on “The Importance of Money

  1. Hamba Allah says:

    A professional footballer know that it’s not about the ball. It’s about the same willing to win the game. The ball is moving faster than you, and you will never get it by chasing it. You use it to win the game. All you need to do is getting a good position and skill for your teammates to pass it to you. And when the time comes, it’s your chance to shoot or pass the ball to another.
    Money is no different with that ball. It’s moving faster than you. You need partners who have the same dream. You use money to win your game. You need a good skill and value for your partners to trust you their money. And when the time comes, it’s your chance to score, or pass it to another until your team win the game.
    My point is, money is no more than a tool to win your game. To shape what future you imagine. Don’t, and never, chase it. Get your team, get better, and win that game.

      1. Hamba Allah says:

        Like I wrote up there, it’s you to decide. Why would it change?

        At some point on life, there will be some kind of pressure–peer, family, social, etc–to make you think that money seems suddenly become more important. It’s not. Money is important, but to trade it with your freedom, I suggest not to take it.

      2. I believe that at some point, your life will not be yours anymore. And maybe, you’ll need to sacrifice your freedom for something else.
        I’m not saying that I’ll take money over freedom. I think each stage of life will bring change to our inner questions, about how we think, decide and prioritize.
        And if someday sacrificing freedom for money will be worth, then why not? The most important thing is knowing the reasons and not regretting the decision.

        After all, what’s freedom if it’s full with regrets?

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