Celebrating a plain day.

Today was kinda plain. Aside from the chinese new year (which doesn’t have any impact since I don’t celebrate it), today was ordinary. I ate, played games, did some coding, nothing out of the ordinary. 

But somehow I want to celebrate something. And that got me thinking, what do I have to celebrate for today? As it turns out, even ordinary day have some things that are good enough to celebrate :

  • I get some work done, while still be able to play games and watch movies. That’s some work-entertainment balance, I think.
  • Reconnect with families. Planning to visit some of them this week.
  • The fact that I’m still healthy, have enough food and shelter. Need to recognize those as daily blessings instead of taking them for granted.

So, happy chinese new year for those of you who celebrate it!

As for me, I’m grateful for another plain, ordinary day.

Celebrating a plain day.