Planning for no plan

I believe that there are people similar to me, relies on logical thinking for their everyday activities, always make a plan for every action, considering every aspects: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Any absurd or seemingly random acts might be a series of a calculated plan.

But once in a while, we rely on external factors to do spontaneous things (friends, spouse, colleagues). To enact something without any plan. But even before deciding to do that, we STILL consider some ascpets of it, literally planning for an unplanned things.

Sometimes I wonder, can people like me make and enact a spontaneous act? To do something without even considering anything? Like a child, trying to do things even though the outcome is unknown?

Doing that sounds like fun.

Or free.

Or will lead to a complete disaster.

And I certainly don’t like getting tangled in a mess.

But recent events proved to me that spending too much time in comfort bores me to death. Perhaps deliberately getting tangled in a mess is a good way to remind myself that life is still exciting…?

So, shall we try?

Planning for no plan