That one time when the future and past collide

Have you ever run through your old belongings and realised that they are more than just things? They’re proofs that you’ve been living your own life. That you’ve met people, laughs with them, cried for them. They are the relics of your memories. And as long as you’re alive, there will be more to come.

For me, that magical moment happened couple weeks ago. We moved our office couple months back, and I decided to find new place to rent afterwards.

While packing, I organised all of my things into couple boxes. There are big boxes for books, clothes and sports related equipments. Those are standards package and I wrap them as fast as possible. Then there are small boxes which, albeit small took longer time than those big boxes. They took longer time to pack because whenever I put something into them, I paused and remember things – old memories that I don’t even remember anymore.

  • Silly memories? check
  • Proud moments? check
  • slap-in-the-face moments? check
  • Regretful memories? check
  • Proud times? Fun times? check
  • You name it, I’m sure that I have it.

While organising, there is also a process of deciding whether I need to throw away those things or not. As precious as they are, I need to make a room for my future things. Deciding which one to threw away is easy, but selecting which things to keep is not an easy task for me, but eventually it’s all done.

Funny things about moving is : you’re collecting & reminiscing remnants of the past, in the present, while preparing for the future. That was a rare moment when every aspects of your life come flooding into your brain.

Going through all of those memories was fun, sometimes bitter, but ultimately humbling. Those inanimate things remind me that I’m here because of someone else. That all of those character building moments were a byproduct of human interactions.

That even though I was born alone and will die alone, I will not live alone.

That life will always has something new to offer.

PS : I always love those moment-of-truth times where you gave your honest opinion about someone else. These are some of mine and I love every words that was, is, or will be written!

That one time when the future and past collide

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