Bored? Here’s our solutions to brighten your day

Hello all!

Long time no post and I don’t think I can do this consistently T_T


Have you ever feel bored? I guess you all have experienced that moment when you have nothing to do while you still have long holiday or off-school/work/college days. Here at FlipBox Studio , mostly we’re bored when weekend comes, since we shouldn’t work but we don’t know where to go or with whom we should go (sigh). Sometimes we’re just reading books and listening to musics. But we’re bored listening to the same kind of music all over again (another problem…)

To solve those kinds of problem, we develop 2 kinds of system that hopefully solve some of your problems too. First is a community-based mobile application to publish events information (Interested? contact us and we’ll talk over a cup of coffee). Our first product is UI This Week , with mobile application available here .  Don’t know where to go? When to go? Just open our website and you can see aggregate content from different communities. Want to follow special community extensively? Just download their mobile applications.  Don’t know with whom you should go? If that’s your problem, perhaps you should check this one out, a platform developed by our friends

Our second solution is Indieologi, a music streaming platform for Indonesian indie musician. Available for android platform, you can download it here. New type of musics guaranteed!


I guess that is all for tonight guys, will update you with more interesting things soon 😀

Bored? Here’s our solutions to brighten your day

Dolanan part 2 : Sack Race

. . . phew, it’s been a long time since I was here . . . *cleaning, dusting, coughing*


anyway, just wanna post some quick updates about my important recent activity.

after creating Dolanan, me and my friends decided to take it to another level. Another game with the same characters.

hell, I’m soo sleepy. No more description and let the screenshots (created by @faizalrahman27) talks to you.

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cool, eh?  just wait patiently. The game is still in development phase and will be created first for nokia asha phone. Android version comes later (I hope)


I guess that’s for today. thanks folks 😀

Dolanan part 2 : Sack Race

Dolanan : Let’s play games with Punakawan.

Hello and good night 🙂

2 weeks ago, me and my friend from flipboxstudio joined an event held by nokia and DepokMobi – Coding Nokia Asha 24 hours. We decided to create a collection of mini games with local taste called Dolanan.

Dolanan is originally a javanese word means Toy. The main characters are Punakawan (If you don’t know them, please search their information using your preferred search engine). With this game we hoped that a lot of people will experience fun with a bit of cultural inception (halah).

I like to keep things simple, so I won’t add more sentences to write  read. Instead, I’ll give you some images from the game. Enjoy!

Dolanan : Let’s play games with Punakawan.

Kuda Lumping – A photo essay

Good Night people!

this is a post I actually want to write quite long ago . . ( a month is quite long right? ) but I guess I don’t have the luxury of time to write it (TOTAL LIES!)

I don’t know where to start. . . but to make it short, I just want to present you a series of photos I made myself during last semester. It’s about Kuda Lumping, a traditional dance from java.

They say picture is worth a thousand words, and I’ll end my post here because of KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid!

checkout the thumbnails below, and download the full series here : (112MB)

Kuda Lumping – A photo essay

new year, new resolution. . . or not

Hey, yo! it’s been long since I wrote on this blog. . . phew.

Well, I forgot to take care of this blog, mainly because I’ve been busy working I have a lot of activities like. . . watching movies, sleep, and others :))

okay then. what’s new? 

First of all, Happy New Year folks!  Hope that this year we can do a lot better than last year.

Here’s what’s new :

Know hoodemia? well, probably not. Let me give you a brief explanation about it. It is a social network, from Indonesia with the ability to connect to your academic portal and other academic features. It’s currently on public beta, you can check it at

What about it? Why do I suddenly talk about hoodemia?

It’s because 3 months earlier, I developed and android application for this brilliant social network (ehem).  Check it out here

Because the system itself is still at public beta, then the application is still incomplete. hope that I can complete it this year. Oh, and you can see the promotional video below. I made it myself.

enjoy! 🙂

wait, what about the title? I don’t see any relation between content and title? 

Like Shakespeare once said “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” totally an excuse :))

new year, new resolution. . . or not

Fact Card : Do-Not-Track Mechanism


Online tracking is a process of collecting and recording a user’s browsing habits. Online tracking has been a controversy, mainly about users’ privacy. The discussion about online tracking and its countermeasures has picked up a lot of opinions. In December of 2010, FTC staff members issued a draft report endorsing Do Not Track as one possible new approach for handling users’ online tracking.


FTC argues that if Do Not Track mechanism is enacted then it will : 1) make privacy protection a more important part of business process; 2) require greater transparency about information the data companies are collecting and exactly what they’re doing with it; and 3) enable consumers to control their own privacy via a Do Not Track system.

But still there are some refusal, especially from online advertising firms, arguing that without the ongoing support of an ever-improving advertising infrastructure, consumers would no longer receive relevant and useful offers or enjoy free content and services across the Internet. And they say that research shows that consumers actually prefer more relevant ads, a preference that would be eliminated by DNT.

 so, here’s a fact card about this mechanism (click for a larger version) :


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Fact Card : Do-Not-Track Mechanism

some kind of poster – using gimp


today I received a good news. My simple poster got a 2nd place at Fasilkom Student Research Day and will go to OIM representing Fasilkom with Andika Amri’s poster (3rd place) and Ryan PP’s poster (1st place). This poster is about Independency . Well, for me being independent means work hard, take some initiative and be innovative. So I came up with some simple slogan “Mandiri itu, memecah kemalasan | menciptakan perubahan”.

I am proud to say that I create the poster with legal resources and legal softwares.

The facts :

1. I created this poster for +-30 minutes (maybe more. I don’t really remember)

2. I used Walkway font family. Which is a legal font to use, even for a commercial purpose.

3. I used GIMP and Inkscape as image and vector editor. Both are open source and free to use for any purpose.

4. I take another resource from free-royalty stock photos, which means you can use it for a commercial purpose.

5. Combined with my (nOOb) design skills, here is the outcome. click for a larger version.


want to have a look at the source? .xcf (gimp files). . . just leave a comment and your email address. thanks! 😀

some kind of poster – using gimp