Depok Digital Morning Meetup

Happy Saturday!

Today, folks at DepokDigital hosted a meetup early in the morning. They kindly invite FlipBox Studio to present our products in today’s event. Thanks guys!

Unfortunately I’m unable to attend the meetup because of some project-deadline-and-bug-fixing-stuff. But the others are available so they’re attending the meetup. According to their stories, the meetup was wonderful, so much insightful information were being shared. I will totally attend their next meetup if I have the spare time 😀

For the presentation, Faizal Rahman & Eriza Hanif created a simple but powerful deck for our products : Indieologi & This Week App. Thanks bro for the all-night effort! And our front man for today are Galih Andy & Ahmad Kamal. I don’t need to see them present to know how awesome their presentation are. Thanks man!

If you want to take a peek at our awesome deck, you can follow the link : Depok Digital Presentation

Depok Digital Morning Meetup

It’s been too long

Wow, just wow. . .

It’s been too long since I write in this blog. So much has happened since.

  • SackRace v0.9 has been released in ovi store. Well, we released it for a while. But something happened and the game is currently under redevelopment
  • A lot of projects, meeting & greetings with clients, partners and/or developers, fun times, sad moments, life goes on.
  • A little bit of teaser for upcoming FlipBox Studio Labs
  • New kind of product being developed. Music related. No major labels involved. You’ll know soon 😀

Enjoy your life, pursue your dream. There will be hardship along the way but you won’t regret it.

Thanks for reading my unclear murmur for today :))

It’s been too long

Langkah Proklamasi, Seberapa hafal dirimu dengan sejarah negaramu?


Sekarang tanggal 17 Agustus, yang merupakan Hari Kemerdekaan Negara Indonesia. Presiden Soekarno pernah menyampaikan pidato dan jargon jasmerah  – jangan melupakan sejarah. Bertepatan dengan hari kemerdekaan Indonesia yang ke-66 ini, berapa banyak sejarah mengenai proklamasi yang kita ketahui?

Dengan latar belakang tsb, saya membuat sebuah aplikasi android sederhana yang menguji (dan mengingatkan) pengetahuan kita akan sejarah proklamasi Indonesia. Aplikasi ini berbentuk quiz pilihan ganda.

Mohon maaf dengan kesederhanaan aplikasi ini karena saya tidak terlalu berbakat dalam seni desain grafis 😀

Silahkan download .apk nya di sini (4shared)   atau link langsung deh : :  dan langsung jalankan dengan smartphone anda untuk mengetahui seberapa hafal anda dengan sejarah bangsa Indonesia. 🙂

Kritik dan saran akan diterima dengan tangan terbuka 😀

Langkah Proklamasi, Seberapa hafal dirimu dengan sejarah negaramu?