Pengiriman Dokumen menggunakan DHL : Online vs Drop Off


Beberapa hari yang lalu saya melakukan beberapa kali pengiriman ke Jerman menggunakan jasa DHL. Berhubung ada beberapa dokumen dengan beberapa alamat yang berbeda, iseng iseng saya ingin mencoba 2 cara pengiriman yang berbeda juga yaitu Order Online dan Drop Off.

Kenapa coba 2 cara? Karena penasaran aja sih. Soalnya dari web DHL susah banget dapetin informasi yang jelas soal cara pengiriman yang enak dan cepat. Untuk mendapatkan quote harga aja susahnya lumayan sampe saya harus nyimpen linknya.

Btw hasil quote harganya untuk pengiriman Indonesia Jerman ( Nov 2017 ) seperti ini



Berhubung ship online ( dengan pembayaran menggunakan credit card ) lebih murah, maka saya mencoba menggunakan cara tsb pertama kali.


Dokumen + Asuransi (+-10%) + Biaya Pickup ~720 ribu rupiah.

Ketika kurir DHL datang, saya ngobrol bentar terkait perbedaan metode pengiriman. Surprisingly, kurir DHL lebih menyarankan Drop Off karena lebih cepat dan lebih murah. Metode Ship Online akan terkena pickup charge dan kurir masih harus mengambil dokumen lain sehingga dokumen kita baru diantarkan pada malam harinya. Menurut beliau metode Drop Off akan lebih murah karena tidak ada pickup charge  dan dokumen kita bisa langsung diproses tanpa menunggu dokumen lain.


Pada kesempatan selanjutnya, saya mencoba mengirimkan dokumen melalui DHL Service Point Kemang. Dokumen tsb beratnya sama dengan alamat yang masih sama sama di Jerman tapi tujuannya sedikit berbeda.


Dokumen tanpa Asuransi ~580 ribu rupiah (kalau dengan asuransi mungkin jadi ~650rb)

Ternyata rekomendasi kurir DHL memang benar adanya!!! Harga lebih murah dan pengirimannya memang lebih cepat.

Sebagai perbandingan saya sama sama mengirimkan barang pada rentang pukul 10-11 WIB. Dokumen pertama ( via ship online ) diproses pada malam hari sedangkan dokumen kedua ( via DHL Service Point ) diproses pada siang/sore hari.

Dengan pengalaman ini, sepertinya saya akan menggunakan DHL Service Point  apabila ingin mengirimkan dokumen lagi ke depannya.


Semoga membantu~

Pengiriman Dokumen menggunakan DHL : Online vs Drop Off

That one time when the future and past collide

Have you ever run through your old belongings and realised that they are more than just things? They’re proofs that you’ve been living your own life. That you’ve met people, laughs with them, cried for them. They are the relics of your memories. And as long as you’re alive, there will be more to come.

For me, that magical moment happened couple weeks ago. We moved our office couple months back, and I decided to find new place to rent afterwards.

While packing, I organised all of my things into couple boxes. There are big boxes for books, clothes and sports related equipments. Those are standards package and I wrap them as fast as possible. Then there are small boxes which, albeit small took longer time than those big boxes. They took longer time to pack because whenever I put something into them, I paused and remember things – old memories that I don’t even remember anymore.

  • Silly memories? check
  • Proud moments? check
  • slap-in-the-face moments? check
  • Regretful memories? check
  • Proud times? Fun times? check
  • You name it, I’m sure that I have it.

While organising, there is also a process of deciding whether I need to throw away those things or not. As precious as they are, I need to make a room for my future things. Deciding which one to threw away is easy, but selecting which things to keep is not an easy task for me, but eventually it’s all done.

Funny things about moving is : you’re collecting & reminiscing remnants of the past, in the present, while preparing for the future. That was a rare moment when every aspects of your life come flooding into your brain.

Going through all of those memories was fun, sometimes bitter, but ultimately humbling. Those inanimate things remind me that I’m here because of someone else. That all of those character building moments were a byproduct of human interactions.

That even though I was born alone and will die alone, I will not live alone.

That life will always has something new to offer.

PS : I always love those moment-of-truth times where you gave your honest opinion about someone else. These are some of mine and I love every words that was, is, or will be written!

That one time when the future and past collide

Planning for no plan

I believe that there are people similar to me, relies on logical thinking for their everyday activities, always make a plan for every action, considering every aspects: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Any absurd or seemingly random acts might be a series of a calculated plan.

But once in a while, we rely on external factors to do spontaneous things (friends, spouse, colleagues). To enact something without any plan. But even before deciding to do that, we STILL consider some ascpets of it, literally planning for an unplanned things.

Sometimes I wonder, can people like me make and enact a spontaneous act? To do something without even considering anything? Like a child, trying to do things even though the outcome is unknown?

Doing that sounds like fun.

Or free.

Or will lead to a complete disaster.

And I certainly don’t like getting tangled in a mess.

But recent events proved to me that spending too much time in comfort bores me to death. Perhaps deliberately getting tangled in a mess is a good way to remind myself that life is still exciting…?

So, shall we try?

Planning for no plan

What will you post in 10 years time?

Recently, some people in my circle took the quiz “What status update will you post in 10 years time?”

That made me curious. And so I take a step further.

First, I check their terms & conditions just for fun. Yes, I read terms and conditions for fun.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 2.10.33 AM

Then I used the app. It asks for permission to access my profile data, personal connections and other data. I unchecked all of those except basic profile.

And without sharing my personal connections, here’s what I get :

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 2.08.33 AM

… who’s Lisa Smith? Maybe a friend that I’ve forgotten? Surprisingly, after searching through my Facebook friends I found out that I only have 1 (lovely) friend named Lisa. And she’s not Lisa Smith. So it’s safe to assume that this app generate random names in case of no data is available.

Then I logged in again, this time I approve all of the permissions

I got this the 1st time

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 2.11.32 AM

Then this for the 2nd time

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 2.11.57 AM

and 3rd time’s the charm

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 2.12.30 AM


Soo, according to the app I’ll be eating A LOT OF McDonald’s – or at least will be a fan of it. And I’ll find the woman of my dreams and/or ask her to marry me ( in 10 years? that is way too long man ).

Well, there’s nothing I gain from the app.

A fun-killing-time experiment though.


Not everything that you do should have meaning. Right?

What will you post in 10 years time?

Unconscious Mind-Brake

Have you ever feel like something is holding you back from doing what exactly you pictured in your mind?

I do. Most of the time.

It’s not like the Social Survival Mammoth  ( a really awesome article that you must read ),  but more like a mild version of it. The short version is that : it avoid hassle and try to make me take the most practical way, considering the factors. Perhaps like a bossy parrot or something?

I tend to make plans for every step of my way. And among those plans usually exists one that is more exciting than others and/or also faster to reach the goal, but with some major consequences if it’s failed.

And I avoid that kind of scenario, most of the time. I put that plan in the last possible conditions where I don’t have any other choices. The reason is simple : to avoid that major consequences. Because major consequences equals major changes. And major changes needs major adjustments. etc etc, I think you already got my point. It will be a lot of work.

That way of thinking doesn’t apply when I’m travelling (in small group) though. Since all of the major consequences usually revolves around me, I can easily adjust and make plans with most of the known factors. Then I have the confidence to do what I want to do, exactly as I imagined it to be.

But in case of an interconnected activities (work, relationship, friendship, side project) where one tiny action can have butterfly effect to others, I unconsciously put an automatic brake for my mind and take the solution with least potentials for problem. And maybe I’ll keep doing that. It’s almost hardwired into my brain.


Then sometimes, I just wonder : did I do the right thing? make the right choices?

Let’s hope that time will answer those questions.



Unconscious Mind-Brake

Nanoblock and the problem of induction

As per wikipedia stated :

The problem of induction is the philosophical question of whether inductive reasoning leads to knowledge understood in the classic philosophical sense,since it focuses on the alleged lack of justification for either:

  1. Generalizing about the properties of a class of objects based on some number of observations of particular instances of that class (for example, the inference that “all swans we have seen are white, and, therefore, all swans are white”, before the discovery of black swans) or
  2. Presupposing that a sequence of events in the future will occur as it always has in the past (for example, that the laws of physics will hold as they have always been observed to hold)

The question is : what does it have to do with nanoblock?

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Nanoblock and the problem of induction